Htaccess query string to path

Webmasters Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for pro webmasters. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a web presentation with some typical url adresses. Now I need to add a rewriterule for a different languages, examples:. I also do not know how to solve the difference with two cases? I did not find anything online. I am doing this on existing PHP framework not any of the standards and therefore I have to do it this way understand with those specific urls.

It looks like you are making this more complex than it actually is. Unless you need to be specific about matching "club", it looks like you just need to remove the first path segment when it looks like a 2-letter language code and move this to the lang URL parameter in the query string instead.

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htaccess query string to path

Url changing with htaccess Ask Question. Asked 3 months ago. Active 7 days ago. Viewed 62 times. Improve this question. MrWhite Jimmy Found Jimmy Found 13 3 3 bronze badges.

I assume by "add a rewriterule" that you wish to internally rewrite the request as opposed to externally redirect?

RewriteRule does both. Active Oldest Votes. For this you can do the following, near the top of your. The URL-path that is matched also does not have a slash prefix. Although in your regex, you allowed uppercase as well?How do I redirect these links to post? If there is a question mark on the link, how can I redirect? With this code, we only redirect to a fixed post.

I want to redirect on the relevant link.

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Just google bolded text and there you will find plenty of guides so you can achieve the desired outcome. There are similar but not for the relevant post. Currently WordPress 5. This parameter? Google indexes these links. So I thought of redirect. I use a pretty permalink. I do not understand how these links are formed.

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I have never added this parameter. Ugly url for ajax crawling is query string From www. Skip to content WordPress. Skip to content. This all starts with a question mark. Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 of 11 total. Milos problemizer 1 year, 1 month ago. Hello, I think that this is what you want. Hope this helps! Kind regards, Problemizer. Examples wordpress. Hope that will help!

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I asked him if maybe other friends could help. I am using permalink and latest version This parameter?Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators. It only takes a minute to sign up. Whilst neither of the rules you've posted are strictly correct, they should both perform the required redirect.

If you have other directives in your. These redirects will need to go near the top of the. If you are on Apache 2. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 3 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed times. But nothing seems to work. I hope the solution won't mess up the naked domain redirect and https redirect.

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Improve this question. Dan M. Dan 13 3 3 bronze badges. I have not included the rules for the naked domain redirect and https redirect in the above question. But those rules are also present in the. Dan Oct 13 '19 at Active Oldest Votes.So basically anything included after the first question mark,?

Rewrite Query String to Path with htaccess

So for those three URLs, the query strings would be:. Notice the query strings can have a key and value first two examplesor just a key with no value third example. Either way, it makes no difference to Apache, because it treats the entire query string — whatever it may be — as a single string. That is, Apache makes no distinction between keys and values; the query string simply is whatever comes after the first question mark in the URL.

This greatly simplifies things when it comes to redirecting based on query strings. Here is the basic technique for redirecting a URL based on the value of its query string:. Otherwise, continue reading for some examples showing how to customize the redirect however is necessary. Here is how to limit the redirect to only a specific URL:. Note also that here we change the status code for the redirect from to Here is the code:.

Also note that the [NC] flag makes the match case-insensitive. Lastly, here is an example that shows how to include the value of the matched query string in the URL to which the request will be redirected.

To illustrate, say we want to redirect these URLs:. Here is the magic code to make it happen:.

htaccess query string to path

Here we are using the same basic technique as in previous examples. There are two important things happening here:. To remove the query string from the rewrite URL for Apache 2. To remove the query string for Apache version 2. For example, here is the same technique as before, only rewritten for compatibility with Apache 2.

Also note that we removed the question mark? Hopefully these examples enable you to customize your own query-string redirects. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via the comments section below.

Main Menu. Plugin Sale! Perishable Press. Blackhole Pro : Trap bad bots in a virtual black hole. Redirect Query String via. Updated July 18, About the Author. Security Specialist. WordPress Buff. Tips for Atom Code Editor.

Perishable Press is operated by Jeff Starr, a professional web developer and book author with two decades of experience. Works flawlessly. Every single time the discs are scratched, damaged, missing, fake, or worse.Assume we have recently renamed the page foo. However, we want that users of the old URL even not recognize that the pages was renamed - that is, we don't want the address to change in their browser. Assume again that we have recently renamed the page foo.

But this time we want that the users of the old URL get hinted to the new one, i. In this example, as contrasted to the internal example above, we can simply use the Redirect directive. If a resource has moved to another server, you may wish to have URLs continue to work for a time on the old server while people update their bookmarks. How can we transform a static page foo. How can we make URLs backward compatible still existing virtually after migrating document.

YYYY to document. XXXXe. We rewrite the name to its basename and test for existence of the new extension. If it exists, we take that name, else we rewrite the URL to its original state.

htaccess query string to path

This allows us to test for the existence of the original document. You may need to set a RewriteBase directive to specify the directory base that you're working in. If you wanted to do this generically for all domain names - that is, if you want to redirect example.

These rulesets will work either in your main server configuration file, or in a. A particular resource might exist in one of several places, and we want to look in those places for the resource when it is requested. Perhaps we've recently rearranged our directory structure, dividing content into several locations. The following ruleset searches in two directories to find the resource, and, if not finding it in either place, will attempt to just serve it out of the location requested.

We have numerous mirrors of our website, and want to redirect people to the one that is located in the country where they are located. Looking at the hostname of the requesting client, we determine which country they are coming from.

If we can't do a lookup on their IP address, we fall back to a default server. We'll use a RewriteMap directive to build a list of servers that we wish to use. The RewriteCond directive captures the last portion of the hostname of the requesting client - the country code - and the following RewriteRule uses that value to look up the appropriate mirror host in the map file.

On some webservers there is more than one URL for a resource. Usually there are canonical URLs which are be actually used and distributed and those which are just shortcuts, internal ones, and so on.

Independent of which URL the user supplied with the request, they should finally see the canonical one in their browser address bar. But often this data is not really of top-level priority. This may be accomplished using the following ruleset:. Note that this can also be handled using the RedirectMatch directive:. Note also that the example rewrites only the root URL. If you have in fact changed your document root - that is, if all of your content is in fact in that subdirectory, it is greatly preferable to simply change your DocumentRoot directive, or move all of the content up one directory, rather than rewriting URLs.

As of version 2. However, in earlier versions of Apache, or if your needs are more complicated than this, you can use a variation of the following rewrite set to accomplish the same thing:. If, on the other hand, you wish to pass the requested URI as a query string argument to index. Note that these rulesets can be used in a. Copyright The Apache Software Foundation.

If there is a question mark on the link, how can I redirect with htaccess?

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. Note that many of these examples won't work unchanged in your particular server configuration, so it's important that you understand them, rather than merely cutting and pasting the examples into your configuration.View the following article for instructions on how to create an.

If the file already exists, view the following articles for instructions on how to update it depending on if you're using an FTP client or SSH :. The examples below can be entered into your. Just make sure to adjust the actual path to the file so the. Also, if you see the domain 'example. Using Redirect in an. For example, if you use index. For example:. So, if the. The second path to the new file can be a local UNIX path, but can also be a full URL to link to a page on a different server or the same server.

Make sure the other site is something you own. You should never hotlink files from other websites. If you want to use a Regular Expression to redirect something, use the RedirectMatch directive:. You can also redirect errors.

Instead of throwing a page, this redirects to the homepage of the website.

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The file must exist in the new directory to function. If a visitor attempts to access a page that doesn't exist, they are presented with a error.

You can instead redirect any request to a non-existing page to your index. If your index page isn't index.

URL Rewrite in IIS

Then the visitor is redirected back to your home page. In this example, it automatically loads example. This rewrites example. After using this method, you can retrieve the webpage with either address type. This is good because it does not destroy any bookmarks saved on users computers. The following redirects all links to files or folders that do not exist to index. However, if the file or directory does exist, it loads normally:. Creating an. The following line redirects all URLs on your site to the new site.

View the following article for instructions on how to force your site to load HTTPS: Force your site to load securely with an. Creating redirects with Nginx.

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htaccess query string to path

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