Pack rat meaning urban

A pack rat or packratalso called a woodratcan be any of the species in the rodent genus Neotoma. Pack rats have a rat-like appearance with long tails, large ears and large black eyes. Pack rats are noticeably larger than deer miceharvest mice and grasshopper miceand are usually somewhat larger than cotton rats.

Woodrats reach their greatest diversity in the deserts of the western United States and northern Mexico. Several species are also found in the deciduous forest of the east coast, juniper woodlands in the southwest, oak woodlands along the coastal western United States and in the Sonoran Desert, and in the forest and rocky habitats of the western United States and western Canada.

pack rat meaning urban

Each species of pack rat is generally restricted to a given type of habitat within its range. Pack rats live anywhere from low, hot, dry deserts to cold, rocky slopes above timberline.

Pack rats build complex houses or dens made of twigs, cactus joints, and other materials. These contain several nest chambers, food caches, and debris piles. Dens are often built in small caves or rocky crevices, but when close by human habitations, woodrats will opportunistically move into the attics and walls of houses.

pack rat meaning urban

Some Neotoma species, such as the white-throated woodrat N. Others, like the desert woodrat N. The largest species, Neotoma cinerea, has a bushy, almost squirrel-like tail.

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Bushy-tailed woodrats Neotoma cinerea occupy a range of habitats from boreal woodlands to deserts. They are cliff-dwellers and are often found on isolated, high-elevation exposed boulder areas under a variety of temperature and moisture conditions. Pack rats are nest builders. They use plant material such as twigs, sticks, and other available debris. They are particularly fond of shiny objects. A peculiar characteristic is that if they find something they want, they will drop what they are currently carrying—for example, a piece of cactus—and "trade" it for the new item.

They can also be quite vocal and boisterous. Bushy-tailed woodrats feed primarily on green vegetation, twigs, and shoots. Mexican woodrats eat seeds, fruits, acorns, and cactus. Adult bushy-tailed woodrat males usually weigh —g 10—21 ounceswith an average of g 14 ouncesand adult females usually weigh —g 8—12 ounceswith an average of g 9.

These ranges are relatively large because this species occupies a large geographic range, and its body size is closely correlated with climate. Reproductive habits of rodents are variable in the wild. Offspring are born naked and helpless and must be cared for in nests called middens. Some female pack rats have been known to deliver up to five litters per year with each litter having as many as five young.

The offspring may open their eyes between 10 and 12 days after being born and are usually weaned between 14 and 42 days. After around 60 days, most become sexually mature. A pack rat midden is a debris pile constructed by a woodrat. A midden may preserve the materials incorporated into it for up to 50, years, thus may be analyzed to reconstruct their original environment, and comparisons between middens allow a record of vegetative and climate change to be built.

Examinations and comparisons of pack rat middens have largely supplanted pollen records as a method of study in the regions where they are available. In the absence of rock crevices or caves, the dens are often built under trees or bushes. The pack rats will also use plant fragments, animal dung, and small rocks in building the den. The vast majority of the materials will be from a radius of several dozen yards of the nest.Add a pack rat to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

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pack rat meaning urban

Your feedback will be reviewed. For me there could be nothing worse than living with a pack rat. Collecting and amassing. Translations of a pack rat in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool.

pack rat meaning urban

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Based on WordNet 3. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Featuring a battle of wits between hungry Coyote and the small-but-chatty Woodrat the Packratthe two meet up under the moonlight in the Sonoran Desert. Staud Clothing's Shirley bag is the solution for the packrat Having fun with vinyl fashion. They also see a packrata roadrunner, a bobcat, a jackrabbit, a cottontail and a mule deer, some animals that come out after dark.

Astro the Alien Visits Desert Animals. Being a world-class packrathe even found the plastic protractor, and our club's copy of Mike Home's original plans. Bless the packrats. I find it impossible to discard some old gear, but not because I am a packrat.

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Mostly, I hang on to special items because of what is linked to them: people and places; expectations and fulfillments; and to a large degree, vignettes of my personal yesterdays.

Used but cherished: every piece of hunting gear, from faded orange upland vests to worn field boots, holds a litany of poignant memories. Besides becoming George's host, Faid starts the Packrat hackers and embarks on his mission of taking down the government and stopping them from rounding up psychics for experimentation. Grydscaen: Tribute. However, the times we encountered prey of more than one individual per scat were rare, and they were small, e.

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We recognize that the biomass for deer may be an overestimation, but we assumed it was a good approximation of the consumed biomass. Foraging of the bobcat Lynx rufus in the Chihuahuan desert: generalist or specialist? I'm a bit of a packratand what I couldn't display in my man cave was hanging on these walls and sitting on shelves. The reset button: such tragedies do bring a rediscovery of lost items and a focus on what's important.

Unlike satin bowerbirds, which decorate mating sites with such treasures as pen caps and clothespins, packrat collectibles aren't on display. The North Adams, Mass. A mighty mini-grader: Allis-Chalmers Model G inspires conversion.

Dictionary browser? Full browser?While some stray from the fold, most stay with the same pack their entire lives. And lo, Snowballs—underpants which can hold a flexible gel pack that you store in the freezer—was born.

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Plus the notion of the poor little guy surrounded by a rag-tag pack of true believers is an American favorite. Next morning Judy shouted that there was a rat in the nursery, and thus he forgot to tell her the wonderful news. He had repeated till he was thrice weary the statement that "the Cat lay on the Mat and the Rat came in.

The party was made up of six men on horseback, two tame buffaloes, and a pack of immense dogs used to hunting. Growling horribly, the enraged brute seized poor Pearson and shook him as a terrier dog shakes a rat. There was no fight in his men; they ran like a pack of frightened coyotes at the first crack of a gun.

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See synonyms for pack rat on Thesaurus. Also called trade rat, wood rat. Can you guess what they mean?

Origin of pack rat First recorded in — Words nearby pack rat packing plantpack it inpackmanpack offpack of liespack ratpack rollingpacksackpacksaddlepack shotpack them in. Words related to pack rat collectorsquirrelaccumulatorgathererhoardermagpiesaver. Mongooses, Meerkats, and Ants, Oh My!

Hunting the Lions R. The Courier of the Ozarks Byron A. Do You Know This Word?Top definition. Jan 30 Word of the Day. When someone you know irl shows up in your dreams.

Usually you want this person to fuck your brains out. A person who exposes another person's wrongdoings for reasons other than moral outrage or to seek justice.

Usually for personal gain, to avoid trouble themselves, or out of jealousy. The word is sometimes misused by highly immoral people to describe all people who provide incriminating evidence against other people, simply because they dislike the idea of being exposed, and want to associate a negative word with people who expose immorality.

Grant exposed the other members of his gang so the cops would reduce his sentence. He's a rat. Someone who tells the cops vital information that leads to an arrest of another person. A snitch. A person who has ""tattled" on another person. That niggas a fuckin rat. A rat is an annoying friend or person you love in your life. But they love to piss you off Shut up you fvcking rat I love you tho. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails Statistical pocketbook Journal "Voprosy Statistiki" Additional information THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR.

Anniversary statistical collection World Statistics Day 2015 BRICS Joint Statistical Publications Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics GLOSSARY 39, Miasnitskaya St. Anniversary statistical collection World Statistics Day 2015 BRICS Joint Statistical Publications 39, Miasnitskaya St. Statistics is a form of mathematical analysis that uses quantified models, representations and synopses for a given set of experimental data or real-life studies.

Statistics studies methodologies to gather, review, analyze and draw conclusions from data. Some statistical measures include mean, regression analysis, skewness, kurtosis, variance and analysis of variance. Statistics is a term used to summarize a process that an analyst uses to characterize a data set. If the data set depends on a sample of a larger population, then the analyst can develop interpretations about the population primarily based on the statistical outcomes from the sample.

Statistical analysis involves the process of gathering and evaluating data and then summarizing the data into a mathematical form. Statistical methods analyze large volumes of data and their properties.

Statistics is used in various disciplines such as psychology, business, physical and social sciences, humanities, government and manufacturing.

Statistical data is gathered using a sample procedure or other method. Two types of statistical methods are used in analyzing data: descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Descriptive statistics are used to synopsize data from a sample exercising the mean or standard deviation. Inferential statistics are used when data is viewed as a subclass of a specific population. A mean is the mathematical average of a group of two or more numerals.

Regression analysis determines the extent to which specific factors such as interest rates, the price of a product or service, or particular industries or sectors influence the price fluctuations of an asset.

This is depicted in the form of a straight line called linear regression. Skewness describes the degree a set of data varies from the standard distribution in a set of statistical data. Most data sets, including commodity returns and stock prices, have either positive skew, a curve skewed toward the left of the data average, or negative skew, a curve skewed toward the right of the data average. Kurtosis measures whether the data are light-tailed or heavy-tailed that correlate to a standard distribution.

Data sets with high kurtosis have heavy tails, which results in less investment risk. Data sets with low kurtosis have light tails, which results in greater investment risk.

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